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Purchasing a Puppy


All our puppies are AKC registered.  Our puppies vary in price (litter and color dependent), but a general guideline on pricing is below.  Once born, the exact prices will be listed on their respective litter pages. 

NOTE: unless otherwise specified, we do not color test (DNA) our puppies.  We advertise them based on what color/marking they visually display.  This may change over time as they get older.

Harley's (Red Fawn Dam) litters will sell for:

$3.0-4.5K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

+$500 for Full AKC registration (breeding rights)

Kinsley's (Blue Dam) litters will sell for:

Pied colored puppies

$4.0-5.5K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

Blue colored puppies

$4.0-6.0K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

+$500-$1K for Full AKC registration (breeding rights)

Sierra & Remy (Blue and Fawn Merle Dams) litters will sell for:

Lilac Merle puppies

$4.0K-8K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

+$1K-$1.5K for Full AKC registration (breeding rights)

Blue Merle puppies

$4.0-6.0K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

+$500-$1K for Full AKC registration (breeding rights)

Black Brindle puppies

$2.5K-4.0K for Limited AKC registration (pet rights)

+$500 for Full AKC registration (breeding rights)

We accept multiple payment options for deposits on our puppies (final payment must be in cash).

1. Credit Card

2. Zelle

3. Apple Pay

4. Cash App ($jpkinnison)

5. Venmo (@jpkinnison)

6. Check (payment must clear before releasing puppy)

Once you decide on a puppy, contact us and let us know which puppy you would like to purchase.  Open, fill out, and sign the Deposit Contract (below).  You can print the pdf, fill it out and email/text it to us, or you can complete the digital version of the contract by clicking "START FILLING".  Once you click SUBMIT it will email us the Deposit Contract.  You can preview the contract prior to submitting by clicking "Preview PDF" (beside the SUBMIT button).  Once we have both Deposit Contract and the $500 deposit, your puppy will be considered "Held" (and will be marked as “Sold” on the website).  We will then sign and email/text you the signed Deposit Contract.

On the agreed upon pick-up date we will both sign/date the Puppy Contract (pdf below for your review), and the balance on the puppy (full price minus the deposit) will be paid.  Final payment must be in cash (unless previously coordinated with the sellers).  You may review the Puppy Contract at any time (it's posted below).  If someone other than the named owner (e.g. the Buyer's contracted pet delivery service) is picking up the puppy, a release form must also be completed by the new owner.  Contact us for the release form.  The puppy must be paid-in-full prior to turning the puppy over to the Buyer's delivery service.


There are three delivery options:

We offer free local pick up/delivery within the following cities in southern Mississippi:  Hattiesburg, Columbia, Purvis, or Lumberton (pins in map below), depending on which direction you are coming from.

We offer delivery (we will personally drive or fly your dog to you).  We deliver worldwide, provided there are no country restrictions.  Prices for delivery (roundtrip) are below.

up to 200 miles roundtrip ($150)

200-400 miles roundtrip ($200)

400-800 miles roundtrip ($400)

800-1000 mile roundtrip ($500)

1000+ miles (contact us)

We have delivered to as far as Boston, MA for $750

For delivery outside of 500 miles, we will fly your pet to you (the puppy will fly with us in the cabin), or you may set up a 3rd party delivery service (there are several agencies that will drive or fly your pet to you).  We will do our best to accommodate your delivery service.  The puppy must be paid in full prior to us releasing the puppy to your delivery service.

Meet Ups & Delivery

We live in the countryside between Hattiesburg, Columbia, Purvis/Lumberton (pins in the map below).  It takes us about 25 min to get to any of these places.  If you would like to meet up at any of these locations, we are happy to bring our puppy(s) for you to see.  If you purchase a puppy, we will meet you at one of these locations for you to pick up your puppy.  If you would like us to travel outside of this "local area", a delivery fee (and possibly a deposit) is required (see "Delivery" paragraph above) prior to a trip being made.


Digital Deposit Contract


According to the Better Business Bureau, approximately 80% of online puppy sales are scams (and in our experience, French Bulldog puppy scams lead the way).

If you don't purchase from us (or even if you do), we advise you to read the below article (click "Link to article"" button below) on for tips on how to avoid a puppy scam.  If we have a litter(s), you can cross-reference our litters on (it generally takes about 2 weeks to register a littler on the AKC Marketplace).  

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